Caregiving is a responsibility shared by many people. And because the reality of caregiving is often far different than what was promised in the brochures, there are tens of thousands of seniors and their families who need help finding someone new to fill a caregiver position. 

Here are five concepts that will improve your recruitment response:

1) Reach out to everyone you know before posting a job listing; after all, it may be a friend or family member who needs you more than anyone else.

2) Go beyond purely online searches; get creative and do some research about particular communities. Check with your local library for advice on which community centers might be able to provide some connections for you if they have any language barriers.

3) Hire a professional recruiter. They can be a huge help and provide insights that will improve your response rate.

4) Get rid of preconceived notions about the people who you think caregiving might be for. The reality is that caregiving is for all types of people in all walks of life. Don’t deny a caregiver candidate simply because they don’t fit what you think are the characteristics for someone who would volunteer to be a caregiver recruitment. Let them talk about why they want to do this and then make your decision from there.

5) Leave time for a second interview if an initial interview isn’t going well. If you’re not feeling good enough about someone, then you need to take some time to reflect and relate it back to your job description. Has the candidate specifically addressed all of your concerns? Don’t be afraid to have a second meeting with a candidate that doesn’t seem right. It may be uncomfortable, but it could be the best decision you ever make when it comes to your staffing. 

How many times can I expect to interview someone?

You should consider a candidate for at least two interviews and up to three. This will allow you time to make sure that the person you’re considering is the one that you want to hire. You can never waste too much time trying to find the right person; it’s better to do too many interviews than not enough. I’m not sure if this person is the right one for the job, how can I be sure?

What kind of support do you offer your clients?

Our team of caregiver recruiting is available to help you 24 hours a day, every day. We do this by providing free staffing support and having someone on our team available to talk with you about any concerns that you have regarding your business. We want to make sure that you’re getting the personal assistance that you need, and this usually involves a free phone call or email response within 24 hours.

When should I start advertising the position? 

You usually want to advertise these types of positions at least one week before you’re actually hiring someone. You should wait until you have about ten or fifteen reliable candidates before you start advertising for this type of position. It’s not uncommon for some people who are interested to approach you first, so you have time to get some really good candidates on your list before anyone else decides that they’re interested in the role.


When recruiting for caregiving positions, make sure that you are able to reflect on your candidate pool after each stage. You should try to gather information about your candidates in order to make a good decision as to who you want to hire. You should also be able to cater the right type of candidates with what you have advertised at Caregivers.com. When recruiting for caregiving positions, have an open mind and be able to adjust your job descriptions as time passes and experiences warrant it.


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