Buying land surveying equipment can be expensive. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on your needs. The price will also depend on the inventory you have and the complexity of your project. In addition, you may want to consider the tax implications. If you are buying used land surveying equipment, follow these tips before making a purchase.


When buying used land surveying equipment, durability is an essential factor. Many components of this equipment will need replacement over time, so you must look for durable models. For instance, a total station will quickly lose calibration if it is not treated carefully. Always store your instrument in a carrying case when not in use to prevent damage.

In addition to accuracy, land surveying equipment should be durable and dependable. A heavy-duty, rugged design is vital for the job. However, rough handling can cause the instrument to lose its calibration, accuracy, or other problems. In addition, if the instrument has not been properly cared for, it could lead to costly repairs and downtime.

The total station is the main instrument used by surveyors around the world. It provides a range of functions and features, and most total stations come with a digital theodolite and a large amount of computing power and memory. Trimble is a leader in making land surveying equipment and offers both entry-level and highly configurable GNSS systems.


The stability of used land surveying equipment is a critical factor for the success of any survey. These tools are frequently exposed to harsh weather, bumpy transportation, and dusty construction sites. It means that proper care and maintenance are necessary to ensure long-term performance. Improper care can result in unjustified replacement costs and seriously affect the efficiency of the entire survey.

Buying used land surveying equipment is an excellent way to save money while maintaining quality. Aluminum tripods are a solid and sturdy choice. They are made from high-grade aluminum and powder-coated for maximum stability. They are also actively used to support surveying instruments. Moreover, the legs are height-adjustable, allowing the users to adjust the tripod’s height to suit the measurement. The legs can be anchored in a marked area or on the ground with the help of mounting screws.


Purchasing pre-owned land surveying equipment is an option that may be more affordable than renting. Depending on the type of project, used surveying equipment can cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The total cost may vary depending on the equipment required and the inventory of used equipment in the area. The complexity of the project may also factor into the cost.

You can consider selling it to a pawn shop if you don’t need expensive surveying equipment. Pawn Shops can often purchase equipment quickly, and you can usually get paid the same day. However, most pawn shops lack the experience to value survey equipment properly. Additionally, their business models limit the amount they will pay.

Surveying equipment consists of various instruments that help surveyors record and analyze measurements. These instruments can range from a simple tape measure to a GPS receiver. They help surveyors maintain accuracy over large distances and in complex environments. Most instruments screw onto tripods and are used by surveyors.

In addition to the surveying equipment, surveyors also need ancillary tools and equipment. It includes tripods, instrument stands, staves, beacons for sighting, and personal protective equipment. Surveyors also need hammers and digging implements to place survey markers. Portable radios can also be purchased for communication over long distances.

The used land surveying equipment for sale is helpful for construction or renovation projects. It allows surveyors to determine the precise boundaries of parcels using a legal description and monuments. The equipment can be used for many applications, from navigation to engineering and resource management. Various types of surveying equipment are available for sale, ranging in cost from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Tax implications

Before buying used land surveying equipment, it is essential to learn the tax implications. The equipment is considered business equipment and is deductible to a specific limit. For small businesses, this can mean significant savings. For this reason, it is essential to seek professional advice from a tax advisor before making a purchase.


If you are planning to purchase a used land surveying machine, there are several things that you should look for. In particular, you should consider the reputation of the seller. It is crucial for the safety of your project. It is also essential to consider the quality of the equipment. Some used land surveying machines are highly durable, while others may have issues with their parts.

Buying pre-owned land surveying equipment may seem like a risk, but these machines are usually worth the money you pay. However, it is not advisable to buy a second-hand machine if you do not plan on using it for a long time. If you have a long-term project, it may be worth it to buy pre-owned equipment instead of renting it.

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