We are all different in our body shape, and this makes us better at certain things in life. This is why I like to think I look like a football player even though I’m not. I don’t have a ton of body fat, but I definitely have a lean muscle mass that makes me look like a football player.

This is also why I feel like this is the perfect body type for NFL players. Football players tend to be very muscular in general. They have to be because of the strength training and the running and jumping. On top of that, they are often required to wear special equipment to protect their bodies from injury. If you think about it, then a football player who is in shape also has to be in shape all the time.

Fat, but I definitely have a lean muscle mass that makes me look like a football player.

I know we’ve talked about this a billion times, but I’m still shocked why so many of you think that NFL football players are attractive. Sure, they have more muscle mass than most people, but I think it’s because they are so fit. This is the main reason why they are attractive. If they weren’t fit, they wouldn’t be attractive.

Yeah, right. We all know that football players are the body type that most people want to be around. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule, of course, but I do see a correlation between this and football players being more attractive. Because of their fit (and therefore physical appearance), they are more likely to make the first move on the football field. And that is exactly why these players are attractive.

It’s even been said that football players are more likely to have a good body shape than a bad body shape. I don’t think its true, but I’ve done some research myself and it turns out that there is no correlation. Not to mention that there are many football players who are both good-looking and good-athlete, which leads me to believe that it is a bit of cultural thing.

It’s a great story, but the reason why it was so popular in the first place is that this guy was not a great-looking guy. He had no body shape, yet he was in a good-looking body shape. He was a good-looking guy. It’s also important to note that it’s not just you guys who are famous.

I’m pretty sure that the majority of people that make use of the word “body” often think that this is a good-looking guy. Or, for that matter, that this guy is a good-looking guy. As others have pointed out, this would be a good-looking guy if he had a decent-looking body shape.

This guy was a perfect example of a “body type.” If you’re not a body type, you’ve got nothing to worry about, but if you’re a body type, you’ve got a body type that’s not perfect. It’s just a matter of how exactly you think you’ll look in the future. As someone who’s never had a body type before, I think this guy looks like a perfect guy.

The thing is, not everyone is a body type. A lot of people are not perfect. For example, I was really a man. The day I had my first beer, I did not have breasts. I was a boy, but I was still a man. I had a lot of muscles, but I wasn’t a body type.

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